Do you have an event that you want everyone to remember?

Why not try the Stock Yard Kilty Band! We provide a musical experience with kilts and bagpipes that's second to none!

Since 1921 the Stock Yard Kilty Band has played at various engagements all over the Chicago-land area and are therefore very experienced in putting together a varied and entertaining musical program which will suit your specific needs. Please contact us for an non-committal talk, and let us help you make your engagement even more festive and colorful.

What is a pipe band be suitable for?

Pipe bands, quintets or solo players attend a huge variety of engagements throughout the year. In SyKB's 90 years of existance it's played every type of event imaginable.

What can I get?

We will tailor the engagement to suit your specific needs. You can get everything from a solo piper to a large band with 20-25 bagpipers and drummers.

We are delighted to assist with information and advice on what fits your engagement. The number of guests, the surroundings and whether the event is in or outdoors are important factors to keep in mind when deciding on the size of band.

  • A large band: App. 20-25 pipers and drummers
  • A mini-band: 4 pipers and 2 drummers
  • A trio: 2 pipers and 1 drummer
  • A solo player: 1 piper

How do we look?

A marching pipe band wearing full uniform is an impressive sight. We always perform in traditional Scottish attire with kilts, knee stockings and the classic cap (a glenngarry). The colors of the bagpipes and drums match the uniform, and provide a complete finish. Experiencing a pipe band makes an impression both for the eye and ear.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary depending on how many players are needed, how long they are to play, travel distance, etc. Please contact us for a non-committal talk.

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From Parades...

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We March!


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Become a Part of Over Nine-Decades of Tradition and Hundreds of Years of the Pipes and Drums


As a member of the Stock Yard Kilty Band you are part of our family and of our musical tradition. Through a joint interest in music, friendships will arise. There is great enthusiasm concerning our craft, which provides a family atmosphere at band practices. We usually practice twice a week, before major competitions though a bit more. As a band we pursue an aim, which puts demands on every band member. There are opportunities not only to develop musically but to also participate in the teaching of students. Our endeavor to perfect our musical abilities puts demand on the individual band member and the result is great satisfaction.

The Stock Yard Kilty Band consists of a grade 4 band, a grade 5 band in addition to a number of students. There are two ways in which to join the band: As a beginner with no experience or as an experienced pipe band player.

The Beginner

Will be taught how play the instrument
Will learn to sight read music/scores
Will learn basic rhythm
Will be taught solo or in smaller groups
Will start playing with the grade 5 band as soon as possible

The Expierenced Player

Will have experience from playing either solo or with a competition group
Will play along with the band on parade and events
Will be provided with band uniforms
Will in time help teach other players in the band

Band Membership

As a new band member you will start playing on a 12-month probationary basis. After the 12 months you will become a full member of the band. There is currently no membership fee beyond contributions at our annual Fall Tartan Ball and a nominal contribution made at the conclusion of each Tuesday night practice.

Since 1921 the Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band (SyKB) has remained one of the oldest continuous pipe bands in the United States of America. Over the past 90 years HUNDREDS of students of every age have been trained in the traditional art of Scottish piping and drumming. Our instructors have over 125 combined years of teaching experience.

You too can take great pride in preserving this long and colorful tradition. TEACHING has been and will remain the cornerstone to continuation of the band and the preservation of our music. We perpetuate the band by bringing new students in constantly. We can't depend on the people from the old country to fill our ranks. Keeping this proud tradition alive is what we offer to you. We love the music, it is the greatest music in the world and we want to share it with you. It may take lots of hard work and discipline but if the Stock Yard Kilty Band has its way you too may someday be marching in the band playing "the thrill of pipes in bonnie Chicago"

Becoming a member of the band is as simple as attending a practice. Our practice schedule and contact information is in the General Contact section below. We teach all ages and there is no need for prior musical experience or knowledge...so come on down!!!



If we can be of assistance answering questions concerning how to play the instruments, membership, engagements, pipe band music in general etc. please contact us.

The Members

Do you have questions about our music or joining the band?
Contact our Pipe Major.

Matthew McKee

Do you have questions about the Scottish Drums or joining the Drum Corp?
Contact our Drum Sargent.

Dave McKee Jr.

The Band

SyKB Email.:

SyKB Postal Address.:
Stockyard Kilty Band
9611 South Winchester
Chicago, IL 60643

SyKB Phone.:


Do you want to hire the band for your event or have questions?
Contact our Band Manager.

Dan McKee

Do you have videos, photos, stories or news for the band? Is there a bug with the site?
Contact our Websmith.

Joe Urchak.

Band Practice

Tuesday Practice.:
Students meet Tuesday nights 7-10 PM at Dave McKee's home. Call Dave 773.233.2118 for more information or shoot a note to info@sykb.com.

Friday Practice.:
The band practices on Fridays from 8-11 PM at the Evergreen Park Legion Post. For information on attending a practice email info@sykb.com.